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So...it's been a while since an update. I figured it's about time I did one.

I lost my job with the county. I kind of figured it would be a short term thing anyway. The county is in a budget crunch, and my job was actually very useless. So I lost that job at the beginning of April. Luckily, my stepdaughter is an assistant manager at Dominos Pizza and she got me a job there as a driver. It's not a job I want to be in forever but it will help pay bills until something else comes along.

My husband and I have worked through a great many of our difficulties, and we are making definite headway in our relationship. I love him now just as much as I did the day we got married or maybe even more. I feel our relationship has grown, and I feel much more comfortable in our day to day lives together. Sometimes it takes something horrible happening to make people realize what they are doing to each other. I am blessed to have had an opportunity to work things out and to start a new chapter in our lives.

I've considered going back to school several times over the last few years. Truth be told though, I'm scared of going back to school. When I was in high school and college, everything came so easily for me and I had no problems. I didn't have to study or anything. But I'm ten years older than I was the last time I was in school, and I have to admit that my self confidence has taken a hit over that period of time. I want to go back to school for nursing or even a labratory technician, but I'm afraid I can't compete with the young kids coming into college for the first time. I don't know. I'm going to have to pray about it some more and see what I'm led to do.

My writing muse has tried to desert me, but I refuse to let her leave me...the heifer. I always loved to write, and it's true that I have had trouble making time to write over the last two years. However, writing is an outlet and I think I have seriously missed that particular outlet. So if anybody wants to see me write, prod me. I need it :-)

Mostly, all of my LJ friends, I love you guys. I'm sorry I haven't updated in a long time. I will definitely try to do better.